When a Florida resident becomes older, it may be more difficult to take care of daily needs. In many cases, the person may require somebody else to make important decisions on his or her behalf. This is the situation in which former actress, Zsa Zsa Gabor, currently finds herself. The former actress is now in a conservatorship under her husband because she is incapable of making decisions for herself due to her ailing health.

The most recent major decision the husband has made is to sell the couple’s home, which they have lived in for almost 40 years. The husband decided to sell the property because the couple is obligated to repay a loan for $1.15 million, which will be due in mid-May. The husband says he has already found somebody who wishes to purchase the property, however the court will have to approve the terms of the transaction before it can be finalized.

As a term of the sale, the actress will not be required to leave the home immediately after it is finalized, since a court judge’s order allows her to stay in the home for a minimum of three years after the sale has been finalized. The court made this ruling due to the former actress’s health problems. She had to have her leg amputated in the beginning of 2011 due to gangrene.

Many times, a conservator in Florida or elsewhere will have to obtain the permission of the court in order to make major financial decisions such as selling real estate. This typically requires some knowledge of the proper court procedures to do so. Also, significant litigation actions may be necessary if another family member opposes the decision. The other family member may even object to the conservatorship altogether, which could result in a lengthy court battle.