Important Reasons For Changing A Will

Creating a will is difficult for some people, and it may be tempting to not think of the document again after it is finalized. However, there are important times when Florida residents may need to reevaluate a will or make edits that reflect significant life changes. Children, parents or siblings may inherit an estate when […]

What Is A Living Will And Do I Need One?

Most people in Florida may have heard of living wills, but they may be uncertain what the term means or whether it should be part of their estate plan. Essentially, a living will is used in order to allow makers to plan the type of care they wish to receive in the event they are […]

Living Wills For Florida Individuals 18 And Older

Individuals in Florida who are 18 or older should consider making a living will. This is not just a document for people who are older or in ill health. An accident or serious illness can happen at any time, and with a living will, loved ones will know an individual’s wishes for their medical care […]