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Referring Attorneys and Legal Success Studies

Referring Attorneys

Referral and co-counsel relationships can make sense for you and your client. There are many reasons why a particular case and client may not be an appropriate fit for your firm. Whether you are “conflicted out” of a matter, or simply choose not to devote the resources required of a case, refer those cases to Boyes, Farina & Matwiczyk and potentially benefit from a co-counsel relationship.

Why does a referral or co-counsel relationship with Boyes, Farina & Matwiczyk make sense?

Each year of our firm’s 20-year history we have successfully tried and settled numerous multi-million dollar cases.

Many of those cases were referred.

We pay referral fees in accordance with all rules governing the Florida Bar and referral relationships’ best practices.

We do not and will not mine your clients.

You will be as involved as you choose. We’ll even meet with clients in your office.

We offer contingency fee litigation services in several of our firm’s practice areas.

Our communication throughout the case is forthright, proactive and thorough.

When does a referral or co-counsel relationship with Boyes, Farina & Matwiczyk make sense?

As early in the case as possible. You’ll almost always instinctively know when “it’s time.”

When litigation seems inevitable.

When you choose to not leverage your firm’s valuable capital resources on a single case.

When contingency fee representation is beyond your comfort zone.

When you choose not to expend the effort and money to try your case to verdict.

Many of our clients and referring attorneys are out of state. That your firm or your client is domiciled outside of Florida is not reason alone why a referral relationship isn’t practical.

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