Even when a person is an adult, many times people need help in managing their lives for one reason or another. One of the most common reasons a person needs this type of help is because of psychiatric conditions. This may be what is happening with Amanda Bynes about who many in Florida have been reading recent headlines regarding her erratic behavior, which could result in her mother receiving conservatorship over the actress.

The actress’s parents have recently been prompted by her 5150 psychiatric hold to file for a conservatorship over their daughter. Bynes’s problems came to a climax when she was hospitalized after the local sheriff’s department found her standing next to a blazing fire which she had started for some reason on her neighbor’s driveway. After questioning the actress the authorities decided the woman required hospitalization.

The 5150 psychiatric hold required that the actress be evaluated for up to 72 hours. During the beginning of the hold the actress was reportedly lucid. However, she eventually became restless, paranoid and erratic. This type of occurrence has not been completely uncommon among celebrities as of late. Britney Spears was also held under a 5150 psychiatric hold in 2008, and her father was eventually granted conservatorship over the music star.

Many people in Florida will now be watching to see if the court will indeed grant conservatorship to the actress’s mother. If this happens the mother will be responsible for making decisions regarding Bynes’s medical treatment. The mother will also be able to make financial decisions on her daughter’s behalf. Ultimately, the judge will decide based upon legal reasoning whether or not the mother should be made her daughter’s guardian.