What We Do Best


As our litigation experts, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation in a wide range of disputes.  With a proven track record in commercial litigation, contract disputes, employment law, and property cases; our skilled team delivers strategic and effective solutions. We are committed to protecting your interests and achieving the best possible outcome.


Estate & Trust Litigation

Balance the financial aspects of the litigation with the long-term personal issues that can motivate familial litigants.


Fiduciary Litigation

Thoughtfully address the issue at hand as well as the broader long-term ramifications of decisions involving fiduciary powers.


Probate & Trust Litigation

Balance financial aspects of litigation with the emotional issues that can motivate familial litigants.


US Tax Court Litigation

Resolving tax issues requires litigation in either the US Tax Court, the United States District Court, the United States Bankruptcy Court, or the United States Court of Claims.


Wrongful Death Litigation

Assist those who would become personal representatives and their personal injury counsel.


Intra-Family Dispute Resolution

Skilled mediators with years of experience working to resolve matters involving family members.


Business Litigation

Execute a combined litigation and business strategy designed to ensure your rights are protected during the formation and growth of your company.

We Will Guide You Every Step Of The Way

You have a problem. We are problem solvers. Every solution begins as a conversation. You talk. We listen. From here, we begin.

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