Everybody remembers Casey Kasem as the famous radio host for two legendary music countdown radio shows. Many in Florida may also have been following the dispute regarding conservatorship over the legendary radio personality who had recently retired in 2009. The dispute, which has been going on for quite some time now, involves Kasem’s daughter and his wife. Recently, there have been a variety of developments in this case, including a surprising twist.

First, a judge had recently named Kasem’s daughter as his temporary conservator until a scheduled hearing to determine whether the conservatorship should be permanent. However, after celebrating her victory on social media, Kerri Kasem, the famed radio host’s daughter, posted that her father had gone missing. She also said she believes her stepmother had run away with her father because the stepmother knew she was going to lose the court ruling.

The guardianship dispute originally erupted after Kasem’s wife suddenly decided to ban Kasem from having any contact with his children or the rest of his family. This became a problem because Kasem’s other daughter, Julie Kasem, was granted power of attorney over the ailing man’s health care in the case that he was not able to make medical decisions for himself. Jean Kasem, the famous radio personality’s current wife, essentially prevented Julie Kasem from being able to fulfill her duties as power of attorney.

Conservatorship disputes do not only happen to celebrities, however. There are everyday people in Florida who are currently facing these types of legal problems. However, with full knowledge of applicable laws, one will be able to effectively argue his or her side in court. A strong legal argument will provide the best chances for prevailing in the legal dispute.