Kenni F. Judd, Of Counsel

John Farina and Kenni Judd Published by The Florida Bar

The Florida Bar has published a chapter in the Ninth Edition of Business Litigation in Florida by Attorneys John Farina and Kenni Judd. Entitled Summary Judgment in Business Litigation, the chapter covers:

  • Comparison of Florida and Federal rules
  • When a motion may be made
  • Notice requirement
  • Evidence considered by court
  • Affidavits
  • Standard for decision
  • Summary judgement in actions on written instruments
  • Summary judgement in other actions

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With current authorities, succinct discussions of complex issues, and the forms vital to handling a commercial case, the Ninth Edition of Business Litigation in Florida is a must-have for business practitioners and trial attorneys alike. The completely updated manual covers the full range of concerns to business litigators, from initial considerations of jurisdiction and venue, through myriad discovery and other pretrial and trial issues, to recovery of attorneys’ fees.