After the “misunderstanding” that led to TJ Jackson being appointed emergency guardian of Michael Jackson’s children, the family has developed a plan for him to be a permanent co-guardian of the children. The crux of the plan is that Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s mother, will be able to focus on raising the children, while TJ can focus on the financial and logistical parts of the guardianship. This may be a plan that appeals to some in Florida who may be in a similar situation.

As part of the estate planning process, people with minor children are faced with deciding who will take care of their children in the event of their death. Agreeing to be the guardian of someone’s children if they die is a huge responsibility. Even though the selection and agreement is taken seriously, most people, including the parents drawing up their will, most often view it as an estate planning tool that will never actually be used.

However, life can change dramatically, and what once seemed to be just an estate planning tool becomes reality. Sometimes, the stress of the responsibility of raising someone else children can be too much for one person to bear. This can be especially true if the guardian is a close family member. Not only are they suddenly thrust into being responsible for someone’s children, but they are also trying to grieve for the loss of their loved one.

Florida residents who find themselves choosing a guardian for their children may want to consider having two people share the responsibilities of the guardianship. On the other hand, a person who has taken responsibility for someone’s children may need help. Seeking advice on what to do in either of these situations may give peace of mind to all of the parties involved.