The law is designed to protect those most vulnerable in society. One of the most vulnerable groups in Florida and other states is children since they are not mentally mature enough to make many decisions on their own. Therefore, they are generally at the mercy of decisions and actions of adults, namely their parents. A judge would have considered the best interest of the child if a guardianship dispute over Paul Walker’s daughter had gone through the litigation process.

Walker’s mother had been planning on pursuing a legal case in an attempt to secure legal guardianship over the girl. Walker, the recently deceased movie star actor who was killed in a tragic car accident, had instructed in his will that his mother would in fact have legal guardianship over his daughter. Apparently, the actor had fears about giving his former wife, his daughter’s mother, guardianship due to the mother’s alcoholism.

Three years ago, the daughter moved away from her mother, Rebecca Soteros, due to problems caused by the mother’s drinking habit. The mother has reportedly been convicted of two DUIs. However, Soteros has promised the grandmother that she will be checking into a rehabilitation program. The grandmother, in return, promised to stop pursuing her guardianship case if the mother completes the rehabilitation program successfully.

However, many in Florida will be watching to see if Soteros will be able to finish the program. If she is not able to, it is likely that the grandmother will continue her legal case aimed at obtaining guardianship over the deceased movie star’s daughter. If this is the case, both sides will have to argue their cases in court. The party with the best legal strategy that is supported by evidence and testimony will have the best chance of prevailing.