It can become confusing when a loved one becomes incapacitated and can no longer take care of himself or herself. Many times this will require a court-appointed conservatorship over the person. However, this can also cause a legal dispute over who should be granted the conservatorship over the incapacitated individual in Florida or in any other state. This seems to be the situation with Casey Kasem.

Kasem is best remembered as a former radio personality. However, he is now suffering from the advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease for which he is currently hospitalized. The 81-year-old man has recently been in the middle of a legal dispute between his wife and his two daughters over who should have conservatorship over him. The two daughters claim that his wife is preventing the them from seeing their father.

One daughter had previously filed a petition with the court to be granted conservatorship over her father. However, she is now deciding to end her bid for conservatorship and has come to a settlement agreement with her father’s wife. On the other hand, the other daughter has yet to reach a settlement. She is now considering filing her own petition with the court in order to remove some restrictions over her visits with her father.

Many disputes over conservatorship issues, such as this, could have possibly been prevented by a power-of-attorney document. This legal document predetermines who should be in charge of making medical and financial decisions on behalf of a person should he or she become incapacitated. However, it is important that this document be properly drafted with the correct legal language in order to avoid having it challenged in the court of law in Florida.