Conservatorships are created for individuals who do not have the capability of managing their personal affairs on their own. In this type of legal arrangement, the control of a person’s financial affairs and management of his or her estate is delegated to a conservator. The person who is in need of assistance is known as the protected person in a Florida conservatorship.

Famed pop icon Britney Spears is currently one such protected person in a conservatorship. Her father has been in control of the pop star’s finances for approximately five years as a result of a medical condition which has not yet been revealed. This may seem ironic to many people since the singer is one of the most successful entertainers in the world, with a current hit song on the pop charts. However, if a court deems that a person is in need of a conservatorship, many times it can be difficult to challenge.

Spears’ conservatorship may soon have more funds added to the singer’s estate. She is now close to signing a five-year deal for a show at Caesar’s Hotel in Las Vegas. Rumors indicate that the contract may be for around $100 million per year, which would be a significant addition to the singer’s estate still under control of her father.

Even for those who are not famous pop star singers, a conservatorship could cause significant conflict. However, whatever issues a conservatorship may bring up for a protected person or a conservator, it is usually a good idea to have a full understanding of applicable Florida law before deciding on any actions. Many times it may be a good idea to obtain the advice of a legal professional.