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Fiscal Cliff Deal Changes Estate Planning Strategies In Florida

…The recent fiscal cliff tax deal has had significant effects on how people are planning their estates. The most significant aspect of the fiscal cliff deal is the estate tax. The new legislation keeps the exemption for the estate tax at $5.12 million, which is now permanent and can be moved between spouses.

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Estate Planning Can Address Assets Large And Small

…Death is an inevitable part of life. Although it can be uncomfortable to deal with, preparing for one’s eventual passing is important to make sure that one’s family and loved ones are taken care of after one passes away. This is why it may be valuable for readers in Florida to consider moving forward with.

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Pastors In Florida And Elsewhere Neglect Estate Planning Needs

…Pastors of the Southern Baptist Foundation are usually more concerned with their spirituality rather than the worries of the physical world. Although this is commendable, this may have also caused many pastors in Florida and elsewhere to neglect doing any proper estate planning. A survey recently found that almost 40 percent of pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention had no estate planning whatsoever.

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Estate Planning In Florida Should Include Digital Assets

One must consider a variety of factors when planning an estate. Individuals in Florida and elsewhere will have to decide what they want done with their money and their property. Some of the assets which need to be dealt with include real estate, vehicles, stocks and bonds along with personal items.

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Careful Estate Planning Can Avoid Probate In Florida

…Planning one’s estate is among the most important things a person can do in order to save family from grief after one passes away. Many times small details make a large difference when it comes to estate planning in Florida or elsewhere. Individuals should take care to ensure that an estate plan is clear and concise as well as legally enforceable.

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Business Owners Should Take Advantage Of 2012 Estate Planning Law

…Financial experts are now saying that it may be a good time for people to consider planning their estates if they have not done so yet. Estate planning laws are currently ideal for asset protection and transferring wealth while avoiding taxation. Business owners in Florida who are near the end of their lives and are looking to pass their assets on to their heirs may want to act quickly in order to take advantage of the 2012 rules.

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Pets Are A Concern For Some During Estate Planning In Florida

…Most people plan their estates with their family and close friends in mind. They want to make sure their loved ones are taken care of. However, one ‘loved one’ which is commonly overlooked during estate planning in Florida and elsewhere is the family pet. With the onset of the recent Hurricane Sandy, many people have been forced to think about what to do with their family pets in the case of a disaster or accident.

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Kinkade Art Fortune Feud Exemplifies Benefits Of Estate Planning

Estate planning is always a responsible and sensible strategy. Having the details of your estate clearly defined and documented can save your heirs not only countless hours of work, it also helps your loved ones understand your intentions and carry them out with as little acrimony and emotional distress as possible.

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Guardianship In Palm Beach County: Terminology Often Confusing

For years Palm Beach County citizens who have gone through the judicial system have been thoroughly confused due to the large array of legalese bandied about during probate court proceedings. This language, whose origin dates back generations, has long been utilized to clarify certain aspects of court proceedings by trained legal professionals.

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Consider Debt When Planning Your Estate

…When planning for the future, many people tend to focus on asset division. However, before you will your Florida home and its contents to your son or daughter, it may be wise to factor debt into the equation.

Typically, personal debt will lie only with the borrower and cannot be passed down to children or spouses.

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