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Estate Planning Can Benefit Those With Modest Income In Florida

June 4, 2013

Many consumers neglect to create an estate plan because they believe planning an estate is only beneficial for those who are wealthy. They believe this because the current estate tax laws only affect a small percentage of the wealthiest in Florida and elsewhere. However, estate planning is not only designed for wealthy people to avoid estate tax, it can also be beneficial to those who are not wealthy and make a modest income.

Most Americans do not have any estate plan in place….


Estate Planning Prepares For Estate Administration In Florida

May 29, 2013

Financial planning is important for preparing for the future. In Florida, this can mean a variety of things, ranging from making plans to finance a child’s college education or preparing for retirement. However, one of the most important, yet commonly neglected, aspects of financial planning is estate planning. Creating an estate plan makes it easier to distribute an estate’s assets to intended beneficiaries during the estate administration process.

An estate plan lays out the process of distributing assets of a person’s estate after he or she has died….


Woman With Down Syndrome Wants Out Of Guardianship

November 6, 2012

Guardianships are meant to protect the interests of individuals who are not capable of doing so themselves. However, determining which people really are not able to make decisions for themselves may not be straightforward. Many cases in Florida and elsewhere may be subjective and will depend upon interpretation. There are many instances when the ward does not believe he or she requires a guardianship. This is the situation in a recent case involving a 28-year-old woman with Down syndrome….


Kinkade Art Fortune Feud Exemplifies Benefits Of Estate Planning

July 11, 2012

Estate planning is always a responsible and sensible strategy. Having the details of your estate clearly defined and documented can save your heirs not only countless hours of work, it also helps your loved ones understand your intentions and carry them out with as little acrimony and emotional distress as possible. One high-profile case currently making its way through probate court illustrates just how heated disputes can become when there is no clear estate plan to guide those left behind….


Why Will Planning Is Essential For Florida Estates

May 4, 2012

When we die, we not only leave our loved ones behind, we also typically leave behind a number of assets. These may range from bank and investment accounts to family heirlooms, and many people in Florida and elsewhere often assume that their loved ones will divide these assets in a fair and reasonable manner prior to their death. Yet without a will, significant disputes may arise and costly probate litigation can be the result. Taking the time to engage in will planning, though, may be able to avert most, if not all, disputes while saving loved ones from the expense of litigation….