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How To Tell If A Florida Will Is Out Of Date

…Although estate planning documents may still be valid, they may not meet an individual’s needs beyond a certain date. Those who follow estate planning trends say that if a will was created over 10 to 15 years ago, it may be worthwhile to review and update it. For instance, wills created before April 2003 may not account for new HIPPA laws, which may make it difficult for someone with power of attorney to carry out certain health care wishes.

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Important Reasons For Changing A Will

…Creating a will is difficult for some people, and it may be tempting to not think of the document again after it is finalized. However, there are important times when Florida residents may need to reevaluate a will or make edits that reflect significant life changes.

Children, parents or siblings may inherit an estate when a significant other is not in a will, but a spouse may receive up to half of an estate if not mentioned in a will.

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