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Adult Guardianship Could Benefit Your Family

…If you have a disabled relative or elderly family member in Florida who requires assistance to preserve their health, you may want to consider gaining guardianship or conservatorship so that you are able to make critical decisions for that person. Some elderly individuals give power of attorney to a relative as they age, but some situations can occur that reber them suddenly helpless before this can happen.

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Establishing A Preneed Guardian

…Couples in Florida would be wise to have a contingency plan for just about everything, not under the expectation that the worst will happen, but to be prepared in case it does. One such plan should be a preneed guardian for both yourself and your children. This is a hugely important document that should not be overlooked when you are planning your estate.

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Responsibilities Of A Guardian In Florida

…Some adults in Florida are simply incapable of taking care of themselves physically, financially and legally. In these cases, a guardian may be appointed to handle their affairs and ensure their safety and wellbeing. If no other options will suffice other than a guardian, a qualified, court-appointed adult within Florida may look after them.

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Is Guardianship Just For Children In Florida?

…The misconception that establishing guardians through a court procedure in Florida is only done in cases involving children may have come about because of the terminology used in the statute. The legislation authorizing the appointment of a guardian for an incapacitated individual refers uses the term “wards.”

Wards may be children or adults who are in need of someone to provide physical care for the person or for the individual’s assets and property.

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