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James Gandolfini Neglected Some Estate Tax Planning Strategies

…When planning an estate it is important to ensure that one’s intended beneficiaries receive one’s assets. However, another aspect to take into consideration is estate tax planning which can help minimize tax liabilities of the estate. James Gandolfini, who many in Florida will remember as a well-known actor, may have had other objectives outside of this essential part of estate planning which has, unfortunately, led his estate open to unnecessary tax liabilities.

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Portable Estate Tax Made Permanent In Florida And Other States

…Lawmakers are always constantly changing the laws which govern the nation. Most recently they passed new laws which made a significant difference in estate tax planning strategies in Florida and other states. The American Tax Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) was passed in early January 2013 by lawmakers and then was promptly signed into law by the president.

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Variety Of Options Available For Estate Tax Planning In Florida

…When one considers planning of an estate, he or she wants to make sure that his or her assets are properly transferred to intended beneficiaries after death. However, another aspect to consider in estate planning is estate tax planning. Most people in Florida and elsewhere will want to do everything possible to minimize the estate tax liabilities for their intended beneficiaries.

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Life Insurance Trusts May Help Avoid Estate Taxes In Florida

…There are many strategies that a person may utilize to plan an estate. Along with a last will and testament, many people in Florida and elsewhere are utilizing life insurance policies and even life insurance trusts in order to achieve their estate planning goals. This can allow people to help their heirs avoid paying additional taxes which they may not have to.

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Gifts During Life Can Support Good Estate Tax Planning

…It almost seems counter-intuitive, but giving gifts can be a positive contribution to many estate plans. In Florida as well as elsewhere, estate tax planning and other objectives can be served by gift-giving. This is first of all a tool that can be appropriately used to transfer assets out of a person’s estate while he or she is living.

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New Law Helps Estate Planning For Farmers In Florida

The recent bill which was designed to avoid what was termed as the ‘fiscal cliff’ made significant changes to the tax policies in the U.S. Many people in Florida who were concerned with estate planning were watching to see if there would be any changes in the way estates are taxed.

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Some Democrats Oppose White House Estate Tax Plan

…The subject of taxes was a contentious topic during the recent elections. There was much argument in Florida and elsewhere regarding whether the extremely wealthy in the U.S. were paying their fair share of the tax burden. A major part of the debate was the estate tax, which is mostly paid by the wealthier Americans on assets obtained through inheritance.

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Hoarders Can Make Estate Planning And Administration Tricky

…When a loved one passes away, the person’s family is usually left behind to sort through the estate. For those who were hoarders and extreme collectors, following through on the their estate planning instructions may be challenging with the overwhelming amount of belongings stored up. At first it can be shocking for those in Florida and elsewhere to see how their loved one’s hoarding impacted his or her living environment.

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Disclaimer Trust May Be Answer To Estate Tax Changes In Florida

…There are various aspects to consider when estate planning. One of these factors may require considering the tax implications of planning an estate. This is especially pertinent to some people, since previous cuts to the estate tax are set to expire at the end of this year if Congress does not act to extend them.

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Farmers Worried About Effects Of Changes In Estate Tax

…It is undeniable that farmers make up an important segment of American society. They provide the nation with a reliable food source, allow us to avoid reliance on foreign food imports and also give us the means to import food products of American manufacture. In addition, farming is a cultural tradition, one that is passed down over countless generations.

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