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Hoarders Can Make Estate Planning And Administration Tricky

…When a loved one passes away, the person’s family is usually left behind to sort through the estate. For those who were hoarders and extreme collectors, following through on the their estate planning instructions may be challenging with the overwhelming amount of belongings stored up. At first it can be shocking for those in Florida and elsewhere to see how their loved one’s hoarding impacted his or her living environment.

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Story Of Rosa Park’s Estate In Probate Demonstrates Need For Early Estate Plan

…When Rosa Park’s passed away in 2005 at age 92, she had a small estate but left an enormous and indelible mark on history. Before her death, Rosa Park’s created an estate plan that assigned all of her personal belongings to a charitable organization called the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development.

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An Estate Plan Checkup For Floridians In The New Year

…As the New Year starts, people in Florida should take time to review and update their estate plan. The New Year can be used to review changes in personal circumstances, the law and other factors. This post will talk about a few items to consider during the review of your will, trust and other documents that make up your estate plan.

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