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Ways Of Avoiding Probate

…Some people in Florida who are preparing an estate plan might prefer to avoid the probate process. It can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for a large and complex estate, and the records are open to the public. One option for people with a smaller estate is to arrange for a simplified probate process.

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Odom Divorce Example Of Need To Update Estate Planning Documents

…Since many people never get around to making a will, those who do may breathe a sigh of relief and even have a feeling of accomplishment. But what if something happens to you before you die that makes it necessary for loved ones to make decisions for you? Or what if someone you named in any of those documents is no longer your choice for the role you chose for them?

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Digital Assets After Death

…Many years ago, in a world some can barely remember, computers didn’t exist. If you had important documents, they were handwritten or typed and scattered throughout file cabinets and safes. When someone died, the person in charge of the estate had the unenviable task of locating all of these papers.

Now, in the digital world, these documents are more than likely stored on a computer. 

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Divorce Doesn’t Automatically Change Designated Beneficiaries

…Birth and death. The two defining moments that mark the beginning and end of life. But many other events can happen between those two events that can have life-changing consequences. Marriage and divorce are two of those. With this in mind, the Florida legislature is taking steps to help avoid some of the estate planning pitfalls that can arise.

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Understanding How Estate Probate Works

…When you have built a sizable estate during your lifetime, the last thing you want is for the state of Florida to decide how it will be divided. As such, it is important to have an estate plan in place to avoid estate disputes and other issues. If your estate plan is well-structured and notarized, then probate (the process of verifying the will and distributing assets accordingly) should be much less of a hassle.

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Estate Dispute 58 Years After Probate Worth $1.1 million

…Famed crime fighter Eliot Ness died in 1957. The probate of his estate was a relatively simple matter given that he left only a modest estate to his surviving spouse. For more than half a century, the Ness estate remained closed.

Now, the heirs of the man who brought charges against infamous mobster Al Capone are embroiled in an estate dispute brought about by the discovery of a long-lost stock certificate.

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The Basics Of Probate In Florida

…When you pass away and leave behind a will or other estate planning document, it will go through probate. In essence, this is the process of making sure the will is valid, all debts and taxes are paid and property is distributed properly. In Florida, the main type of probate is formal administration.

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Estate Planning: Where Do Pets Fit In?

…When you are going through the process of estate planning, remembering to include provisions for :Mittens,” your cat, can often slip your mind. After all, you may just assume that your heirs will take care of your pet like you did. Like most states, Florida has a pet trust law that allow your beloved companion to receive care from your estate after your passing.

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