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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Advanced Estate Planning For Florida Property

…Many people move to Florida to retire. As a result, Florida has become a national hotbed for probate and estate planning. Several Florida property owners seek to structure their estate plans in order to allow assets to pass more easily to beneficiaries with the advice of area law firms.

Some professionals suggest first creating a living trust and then transferring title of real estate from an individual to the estate.

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Living Wills For Florida Individuals 18 And Older

…Individuals in Florida who are 18 or older should consider making a living will. This is not just a document for people who are older or in ill health. An accident or serious illness can happen at any time, and with a living will, loved ones will know an individual’s wishes for their medical care even if that individual is unable to communicate them.

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Estate Planning Pitfalls To Avoid In Florida

…Creating an estate plan allows for an orderly transfer of assets from generation to generation. It may also offer protection for those who are incapacitated and otherwise unable to make decisions. Still, there are issues to take into consideration when creating an estate plan to ensure that it meets the wishes of the person who creates it.

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Estate Tax Rules That Benefit Florida Residents

…At least once a year, it may a good idea to review estate planning rules and laws as they may change. For instance, the estate tax exemption has risen each year since 2011 with inflation. In 2015, the estate exemption is $5.43 million, which is a $90,000 raise since 2014. However, those who have made gifts in excess of the annual gift limit may have eaten into some or all of that exemption.

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