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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Recent Court Ruling Can Affect Some Trust Planning Strategies

…The ways that statutes are written still leave plenty of room for interpretation in any area of law. Estate laws in Florida are no exception to this rule. This seems to have been the case in a recent legal dispute between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and a family trust. The ruling could become relevant for some people’s trust planning strategies.

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Small Mistakes Cause Big Problems In Estate Planning In Florida

Details matter when it comes to many things in life. They also matter when it comes to death and estate planning implementation in Florida and elsewhere. Even small mistakes can result in serious consequences when it comes to estate administration. It can even cause intended beneficiaries to not receive their inheritance.

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Using Roth IRAs For Estate Planning Can Minimize Taxes In Florida

…Most estate planning strategies are aimed at leaving the largest amount of assets as possible for intended beneficiaries. This is why many people in Florida are utilizing Roth IRAs in their estate planning. Although avoiding taking any distributions from traditional IRAs can help to save money for the next generation, many times, at a certain point, it makes sense to partially convert to a Roth IRA if one is aiming to reduce income tax liability.

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Wills help to keep conflict among children at bay in Florida

…Parents, following their deaths, typically do not want their kids to fight one another over their inheritances. Unfortunately, these kinds of conflicts often take place in Florida and other states because parents have neglected to create wills. This is particularly a problem when parents have loaned or gifted money to one kid and not to the others.

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Estate Planning: Doing It The Right Way The First Time

…Estate planning is an important step for Florida families. However, it is important that estate planning be approached the right way and done correctly. The correct approach to estate planning will differ from case to case, based on the individual needs of the family at that time. These plans can be adjusted over time as needed.

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