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Monthly Archives:May 2014

Sharing Estate Planning Goals With Family Essential In Florida

May 26, 2014

Taking care of one’s family is usually a person’s top priority in life. This could mean financially supporting a family member even after that person’s death. Estate planning provides the means for people in Florida to accomplish this goal. Having an estate planning goal in place can ensure that one’s intended heirs will receive their assets.

Without an estate plan, one’s intended heirs may have a difficult time during the estate administration process. It could also result in conflicts among family members over who should receive what assets….


Kasey Casem Comes Up Missing After Conservatorship Ruling

May 20, 2014

Everybody remembers Casey Kasem as the famous radio host for two legendary music countdown radio shows. Many in Florida may also have been following the dispute regarding conservatorship over the legendary radio personality who had recently retired in 2009. The dispute, which has been going on for quite some time now, involves Kasem’s daughter and his wife. Recently, there have been a variety of developments in this case, including a surprising twist.

First, a judge had recently named Kasem’s daughter as his temporary conservator until a scheduled hearing to determine whether the conservatorship should be permanent….


Older Women May Have Specific Estate Planning Concerns In Florida

May 14, 2014

Women are different from men in obvious ways. However, beyond just physical characteristics, there are differences in how women interact with society, particularly with estate planning in Florida or in any other state. Although every situation is different, and women are more independent than ever before, some women are still dependent upon their husbands for their financial well-being, which can affect a woman’s estate administration concerns.

For example, many older married women may be dependent upon their husband’s pension benefits….


Estate Planning For Disabled Dependent Can Be Tricky In Florida

May 6, 2014

Everybody’s life and financial situations are different, which means decisions regarding estate planning will vary from person to person. The variations in estate planning will be based upon the circumstances of each individual case in Florida or in any other state. This means taking into consideration any dependents with special health and medical needs. One couple is now dealing with this as they attempt to create an estate plan which takes into consideration their disabled daughter.

The couple is currently designing their estate plan and would like to make sure that the husband’s daughter from a prior marriage is taken care of….