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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Portability Is New Focus Of Estate Planning In Florida

…One of the most common reasons for planning an estate used to be to limit tax liability. However, this has changed ever since the modifications to the estate tax laws which set the tax exemption level at $5.25 million per person in Florida and across the nation. This has kept most people from ever having to worry about estate taxes, but instead has shifted the focus of estate planning toward the portability election.

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Poor Estate Planning Decisions Hurt Farmer’s Heir

…Failure to do any estate planning can cause serious problems in the future for an individual’s family, especially if there is no will for the decedent. However, even with a will there are still many ways in which the distribution of assets could result in less than beneficial outcomes for intended heirs in Florida and other states.

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Uncle Awarded Guardianship Over Charlie Sheen’s Twin Boys

…It is important that children are kept safe when deciding guardianship arrangements. Courts are obligated by law to put the best interests of children first when deciding how to deal with living arrangements for children in Florida or in any other state. This is what the court attempted to accomplish when it recently dealt with a guardianship case involving the twin sons of celebrity actor Charlie Sheen.

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Estate Planning Decisions Depend Upon Each Person’s Goals

Having an estate plan is one of those things that people are told is important. However, there are many people who do not fully understand what estate planning is and how it can be valuable in Florida or in any other state. The goal of estate planning can vary with each person;

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