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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Digital Estate Planning Is Important In Florida

…With the advent of technology, people’s lives have become in many ways more efficient. The Internet was especially instrumental in taking society to the next level of convenience, enabling people to pay their bills online and allowing instant communication in a variety of different forms and mediums. However, despite the conveniences of the online world, this new technology has also created a whole new type of estate planning need which did not exist before in Florida or any other state.

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What Documents Are Needed For Estate Planning In Florida?

…Nobody can escape the inevitable. Although death is usually not a comfortable subject, it is important for any adult, despite income or age, to make preparations for one’s own death or incapacitation. The best way to do this is through a good estate plan which ensures one’s assets will be distributed to one’s intended heirs.

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Woman Is Victim Of Abuse During Court-Appointed Conservatorship

Anything can happen in life, and nobody can accurately predict the future. An incapacitating injury can occur at anytime, in Florida or in any other state. When an adult suddenly becomes incapacitated, a court-appointed conservatorship is established in some circumstances where the individual is not able to manage their own affairs.

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Are Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts Still Necessary In Florida?

…When planning an estate people are always trying to do whatever they can in order to avoid tax liability. One estate planning tool commonly used in Florida to accomplish this are irrevocable life insurance trusts. However, with the new estate tax threshold some experts are questioning whether life insurance trusts are still necessary.

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Tax Liability Not The Only Important Thing In Estate Planning

…Estate plans help make sure one is prepared in the case of one’s death. Although this is an uncomfortable topic, it is an important one to address. There are a variety of goals which people have in mind when making an estate plan in Florida or in any other state. Most people usually focus on avoiding tax liability when doing their estate planning.

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