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Monthly Archives:January 2013

Estate Planning Can Address Assets Large And Small

January 30, 2013

Death is an inevitable part of life. Although it can be uncomfortable to deal with, preparing for one’s eventual passing is important to make sure that one’s family and loved ones are taken care of after one passes away. This is why it may be valuable for readers in Florida to consider moving forward with. Having a solid, well-articulated estate plan will make sure that a person’s intended heirs receive his or her assets without having to deal with an expensive and prolonged probate process….


Pastors In Florida And Elsewhere Neglect Estate Planning Needs

January 24, 2013

Pastors of the Southern Baptist Foundation are usually more concerned with their spirituality rather than the worries of the physical world. Although this is commendable, this may have also caused many pastors in Florida and elsewhere to neglect doing any proper estate planning. A survey recently found that almost 40 percent of pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention had no estate planning whatsoever.

The Southern Baptist Foundation is concerned about the recent findings of the survey….


Guardianship Hearing Of Deceased Officer’s Children Postponed

January 17, 2013

Police officers provide a necessary and valuable service to society. They help to protect the safety of the public as well as ensure that laws are enforced. This is why it is unfortunate when a police officer passes away in Florida or elsewhere. It can become even more complicated when the police officer has children he or she has left behind and there is a dispute over who should receive guardianship of them. This became the case for one deceased police officer’s family recently as the woman’s mother and the children’s father now both seek custody of the children….


Estate Planning In Florida Should Include Digital Assets

January 12, 2013

One must consider a variety of factors when planning an estate. Individuals in Florida and elsewhere will have to decide what they want done with their money and their property. Some of the assets which need to be dealt with include real estate, vehicles, stocks and bonds along with personal items. However, assets which are commonly overlooked during estate planning are digital assets, such as social media accounts, email and online bank accounts. The value of digital assets may be more significant than one may initially imagine….


Florida Pet Trusts Not Just For Eccentric Millionaires

January 3, 2013

For some Florida residents, pets are considered a part of the family. As such, it is important for them to be included in long-term and estate plans. After one woman’s divorce, she began to think about what would happen to her beloved pets once she was gone and decided to look into pet trusts. She says that once she had the trust set up, it offered her a sense of relief knowing her animals would be taken care of once she was gone….