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Monthly Archives:September 2012

Proper Estate Planning Can Save Heirs Money In Florida

September 25, 2012

Nobody lives forever. This is why it is important that people in Florida have a proper estate plan in place just in case something unexpected occurs. When a person dies without carefully crafting an estate plan, his or her heirs may be subject to a variety of unnecessary costs. Hence, it is a good idea to periodically undergo an estate planning checkup in order to ensure everything is in place for proper estate administration at the appropriate time….


Disclaimer Trust May Be Answer To Estate Tax Changes In Florida

September 18, 2012

There are various aspects to consider when estate planning. One of these factors may require considering the tax implications of planning an estate. This is especially pertinent to some people, since previous cuts to the estate tax are set to expire at the end of this year if Congress does not act to extend them. This could affect individuals and families in Florida and may require.

The law which had previously provided a decrease in estate taxes was the 2010 Tax Relief Act….


Farmers Worried About Effects Of Changes In Estate Tax

September 12, 2012

It is undeniable that farmers make up an important segment of American society. They provide the nation with a reliable food source, allow us to avoid reliance on foreign food imports and also give us the means to import food products of American manufacture. In addition, farming is a cultural tradition, one that is passed down over countless generations. However, operating a farm in Florida or elsewhere has numerous uncertainties, making it one of the most challenging career choices available….


Trusts Becoming More Popular For Estate Planning In Florida

September 5, 2012

Planning one’s estate is an important endeavor, which should not be ignored. It is best to avoid procrastinating on making these decisions. Estate planning in Florida or elsewhere can come in many different forms. One form of asset protection which has seen an increase in popularity is using trusts. This method comes with a variety of advantages and useful qualities.

One advantage of using a trust to protect and diversify assets is that the trust cannot be disputed….