Kenni F. Judd is an experienced trial/appellate attorney with knowledge of and experience in many areas of commercial, employment and probate/trust law.  She also provides preventive advice aimed at avoiding litigation.

Ms. Judd began her legal career in 1986 at Holland & Knight, where she represented banks and other businesses, both large and small, in a wide variety of litigation matters.  In 1992, she moved to the Palm Beaches and joined Edwards & Angell, where she met John Farina.  She left Edwards & Angell in 1998 to become of counsel to Boyes, Farina & Matwiczyk.

Ms. Judd’s practice is varied.  She handles will and trust contests, other elder law issues, employment discrimination and wage/hour disputes, and tort claims including defamation, representing both business and individuals.  Ms. Judd is admitted to the Florida Supreme Court, the US 11th Circuit Court of Appeal, and the US Southern District Court. View Ms. Judd’s qualifications for a complete list of affiliations.

Ms. Judd is distinguished not only by her legal career but also by the work ethic which has defined much of her life. Ms. Judd worked her way through school at a variety of part-time jobs, including in the exceedingly unglamorous roles of peeling shrimp and setting tile.  While working at a small firm, during a break from Holland & Knight, she participated in the lawsuit that resulted in the first official agreement between the US government and the Miccosukee Indian tribe.

Ms. Judd has a passion for orchids. She established and operated Juno Beach Orchids for several years before family health issues forced its closure.  She travels frequently to the tiny nation of Belize, where she owns a small farm and hopes to someday retire.